Mug of the Month #1

Mug of the Month:  An eclectic list of goodies. Including but not limited to:  The best cup of joe I’ve had in the last 30 days.  What scripture spoke to me the loudest and the method I used to study it.  Books I’m reading be it for pleasure, work, or school.  What my kids are reading.  Any new workouts, routines, games, or the like that has marked the calendars in my home.  Sit back and enjoy.


This mug of the month is a destination drink.  Dreaming of vacation days in the mountains brought about remembrance of a cozy, creative, eclectic ambiance drizzled with moody melodies and seasoned with the scent of new rain. The most recent addition to my list of favorite places. The Red Caboose.  Great coffee.  Cute take away cups. Lovely, artistic atmosphere.  Yummy, yummy, coffee.  I drank mine straight and steaming. Delicious. Check them out

Scripture study:  Ephesians.  With my trusty whiteboard at my side, the kidlets and I strolled half a chapter at a time through this short epistle.  We used key word outlines to short out what spoke to us and then compared all of our lists at the end.What is a key word outline?  Just that. A hunt for the key or repeated words in the passage.  Write down up to five.  Sometimes we dictionary dive for a better understanding of a word or phrase. For this round, each of us chose one word a piece from the section and then we worked together to come up with the last two.   What stood out most to us? Because of God’s humongous love, He sent us Jesus so we could benefit from His GRACE.  Which then makes it possible for us to love others.

Reading:   School’s out!  Yippee!  So, mostly we’ve been using Audible for our read alouds. This mama’s brain is overloaded.   My favorite family read this month was Aliens on Vacation by Clete Barrett Smith. (Check it out below) It had us laughing out loud and even entertained dad. Perfect length for a road trip with enough cliff hangers to keep us all involved, even after quiet time and potty breaks.

Personally, this is the time of year, I read how to homeschool books or books of encouragement. Honestly,  I haven’t had the stamina. (As I may have mentioned previously,  I have brain overload)  But,  I have been diving full force into Classical Conversations Essential Program, as I am tutoring a class this fall.  Whoa, has it ever been so enlightening and terrifying!  But that’s how this mama rolls.  Biting off life in huge meaty chunks.

And on that delicious note,  what Mug of the Month moments did you experience this June?

PS:  If you get so lucky as to stroll into Whitefish MT, check out the Red Caboose. I’ll join you in spirit.