Why start yet another blog in a bogged down bloggy world


Well, why not? After attending an inspiring weekend at a CHEA of CA convention I was left seriously considering it. I have little skills, little knowledge, but I was more than a little encouraged. That leads to now. Here. Me, bumbling and stumbling and blogging away.
I have a story or two to spin but not enough brain power to plod my way through a novel. I have life experiences similar to some, unfamiliar to others. I’ve lived through and with my share of difficulties and I’ve had my bundle of exciting and uplifting events I’m a homeschooling mama of two. The wife of an awesome although underappreciated chef. I’m hitting my late 30’s and the hormone shifts that accompany middle age. I’m a snarky bitter rebel at heart, daily softened and sanctified by the love my unshakeable Savior, Jesus Christ.
But who cares? Why add my voice to a web of voices? Because, I have a feeling there are more than a few cyber kindred spirits out there who need an encourager along their journey. Moms who fret over their ability to teach their children. Women who struggle with spiritual and martial submission. Gals who may stay up way past their bedtime in hopes to finish a single cup of coffee while it’s still warm. Wanderers who wonder if anyone out there hears their hearts sigh. If you fall anywhere in that mix, or if you’ve tripped over my blog by mistake, welcome. This blog is for you. Thanks for visiting.

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