Writer Update

Nano, nano, nano.  WHOA!!!  What a rush!  It’s ten days until the finish line and I’ve crossed it.  Made it and bought the t-shirt. happytypewritergirlIt nearly drove me to madness but I WON NANO!!!  50,000 words in 30 days!  I love to write but I feel as though I don’t want to ever compose another sentence, ever again.  And yet here I am!!! Writing more words.  Nanowrimo doesn’t have to be as extreme as I made it for myself. I was so worried about not winning it that I forced myself to write even when my brain was dry. (I dread editing. I’m sure its bulging with bilge. But that’s one of the wonderful things about Wrimo. You write as though you don’t care that it’s bad. You get your words out and leave it the filth for editing.)  I also made it a personal goal to be finished before Thanksgiving, knowing that eating and shopping and the hangovers they cause would not bode well for my creativity. So I pushed and prodded and produced my first cozy mystery novel. We’ll see if it’s any good in January, when I pull it out for editorial surgery.

In other news, my book was released mid Nano and just hit the Kindle world.  It’s surreal having a real live book out and about in the world.  I love it and am proud of it but at the same time I’m nervous and embarrassed to talk about it.  Any other, hermit, writers out there feel the same way?

I’ve been overwhelmed with support for my poetic short story.  I’ve cried and laughed and jumped up and down in excitement with every review, FB post, and purchase.  And now the marketing side of writing swings in full force. YUCK.  But still, I love my imaginary worlds and I’m betting others out there will like them too. I just have to get my words to them.

So, how am I going to spend my December, now that I’ve been writing all November.  Reading! That’s how.  Reading about writing. Reading about writers.  Reading just for fun.  Reading and playing board games with my kiddos. Oh yes, and celebrating a little thing called CHRISTMAS!!!  (my favorite!)

If you’re a writer how do you come down from the Nano High?  What do you do after completing a project?  And how long do you wait until you pick up your work for editing?

Check my book out below, on paperback or Kindle. Just click on the cover picture. Thanks for all your support and encouragement.

Until next time….  Have a Great Thanksgiving!

photo credit: _angleal_ evelyn3 via photopin (license)