Mug of the Month #3


This month has not slowed down, one itsy bit.  School became “official” in September.  Birthday parties and homeschool meetings abounded.  My family also belongs to a nearby Classical Conversations campus.  My son started in August but my daughter started up in September.  And of course, not to be outdone,  I couldn’t just be a mom I signed on as a tutor.  So, is it any wonder that my mug of the month is a basically a portable carafe.   It keeps my coffee toasty and ready for hours and hours. This makes me exceedingly happy because rarely do I get to sit and actually finish an entire delicious cup, while it is still fresh.   But I do toss in some stevia to sweeten the aging brew and some collagen to replenish my energy throughout the afternoon.  Yum, yum, yum, and buzz, buzz, buzz.

Scripture Study:  This month we started out with Who Am I? by Apologia.  And though it’s inspirational and informative our days became a mess of movement.  Mid-month we switched to Then Sings My Soul.  We tackle a traditional hymn, learn the history of the writer, and see how God impacted the world with the song.  3 studies in one; theology, history, social studies, and music.  4!  Whoa, who knew we were accomplishing so very much.

Personally, I’ve been diving into Walk it Out by Tricia Goyer.  And WOW, OUCH, YES!  It speaks volumes in easy to read ways.  Making it a tremendous aid in this mama’s effort to keep close to the Lord in the midst of homeschool, homemaking, and hormones.  I love how Tricia encourages obedience not just the huge aspects of the Christian life, but also in the seemingly small ones.  A full review is coming!  I’ve already read it straight through but am in the midst of re-reading/marinating in its truths.

What are we Reading:

Finishing up Hudson Taylor by YWAM publishing has been more daunting than it ought to be.  Routines have been evading our household.  With all I’ve mentioned above, tack on Awanas, GEMS, and small group meetings and our evenings have not been peaceful and rhythmic.   But we press on.  Instead, we’ve been audiobooking it. (If audiobooking isn’t a real word, it should be!)

We’ve audibly devoured two American girl books, Where the Wild Fern Grows, and More from Grandma’s Attic.  But not always together, in the same room.

However,  late one night, very late, the kids were way too far from sleep to let slide.  My Chef Hubby couldn’t rest with all the loud banter and chatter.  So, in desperation, and in hopes to carve out a memory, I snagged the nearest children’s book and plopped down on the floor near my son’s bunk bed.  I intended to read for 30 minutes and have the kids snoring.  But we couldn’t stop.  The book was far too good and we were way too invested in its main character’s well being.  I plowed through it, in an hour and a half.  No eyes, even half, closed.  The room was riveted.

What was this marvelous book, you ask?

This one:  Buy it! It’s a classic in the making! I’m not even going to tell you what it’s about. It’s that good, I want you to taste it for yourself.

The two books to make September amazing were:  May B.  and Walk it Out.

And as always here’s a list of all the other literary goodies we’ve gobbled up this month:

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