My Books (a page in progress)


My first book:  Diary of a Dyslexic Homeschooler


A short story told in a collection of prose and poems, acting as the journal entries/ thoughts of a ten-year-old girl struggling with a learning difficulty.  This book was my first to print (hopefully by Thanksgiving 2017) and the first completed project as an adult.  It’s raw and flawed and intentionally so. I gathered all my research and observations on Dyslexia, Attention Disorders, Sensory Processing Disorders and then morphed them into my nameless but loveable main character.  Between her thoughts and experiences, one can see the village of supporters surrounding her and helping her along the way.  My hope lies in the second to last entry …  that a reader may stumble upon this tiny book offering and feel the hug of a warmly spoken “me, too.”