About Me

This is me:  another homeschool mama courageously starting a blog,  candidly sharing her stories, clumsily sharing the Gospel, and coping with it all by the wondrous grace of Christ and in the warm glow of a cup of coffee.

My family consists of one Chef, one Bean, one Sprout and a dog named Lucy. I love to write, sing, crochet, sew, and dance, although I’m barely mediocre in all five categories.  I also love to read or listen to others read, on days where my brain won’t cooperate with my to do/wish list.  I love, love, love to play games.  Card games. Board games. Videos games.  But find them the fastest way for me to lose friends.  (tehe.  I’m a wee bit competitive and annoying loud)

House work and cooking are the horrors of my day. In fact, I’m very challenged in most domestic areas.  Though I keep trying to improve.  But I do love my family with a vengeance.   And when I’m in my sane mind, it’s my joy and privilege to serve them, make them laugh, and watch them grow.

I’m not into sugar coating or small talk.  I tend toward the snarky side of things but God has constantly and continuously given me a reason to refrain from cynism and replenishes my spiritual cup faster than I can pour myself another mug of coffee.

So, feel free to hang out and chat a bit with me.  You’ll see what I mean by shockingly honest and Spirit-led hopeful.